Max chuck Capatity : 10mm 

Rated voltage : 12V 

Rated Input power : 110W


Max chuck Capatity : 13mm 

Rated voltage : 12V-21V 

Rated Input power : 160W


Chuck dameter12mm 

Rated voltage240/110V~ 

Rated frequency50/60Hz


Disc Diameter100/115mm/125mm 

Rated voltage240/110V~ 

Rated frequency50/60Hz

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Zhejiang yongkang YiShun tools co., LTD. Is located in the famous Chinese "hardware capital" - yongkang hardware technology industrial park, professional production and sales of electric tools, and the main products are: Angle grinder, electric hammer, electric drill, electric circular saw, carving machine, cutting machine, trimming machine, sanding machine, polishing machine and other electric tools.

What is the difference between an angle grinder and a polishing machine
The polishing machine, as the name suggests, is a machine and equipment used for polishing operations

How to properly maintain the cutting machine?
As an important cutting tool, the cutting machine has brought great convenience to the cutting industry. In order to better exert its functions in the process of use..

Precautions for electric circular saw operation
When starting, the electric circular saw must be in a suspended position. It will jump suddenly. It must be held with both hands.
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